The Night the Wind Changed

by Mo Butler with Illustrations by O’Neal Spence © 2018

The Night the Wind Changed © 2018'If the wind changes you’ll stick like that...' is a timeless phrase used by parents and grandparents today and throughout the ages.

Tom was always making faces and getting into trouble… everyone told him ‘if the wind changes you will stick like that.’ And so it happened – one night in Tom’s room the wind flew round the floor, blowing left and blowing right; Tom looked in his mirror and let out a roar. His face was stuck, it was not his any more. He ran outside to find the wind, pleading with various woodland creatures to help him find his way.

With distinctive illustrations, 'The Night the Wind Changed' is an amusing tale for all those cheeky children who like to make horrid faces!

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“I can make faces if I like, Ella, I suppose. It's not your face you know,” replied Lily saucily. As she spoke she made two or three very ugly faces and put out her tongue.
“You silly ugly child!” said Ella.
“If the wind changes you will remain like that forever. Now come along.”

From the Sunbeam Story Book (being the Golden Childhood volume for Christmas 1879) in a story called The Little Girl who Made Faces, p 153, by Henry Frith.