Installing IVAO X-IvAp

  • X-Plane 10.5 (64 bit)
  • Windows 10 Pro (Build 14393.rs1_release.160915-0644)

X IvAp Main Window


X_IvAp entries in plugins folder

Download the IVAO X-IvAp plugin from:

X-IvAp for Windows (32/64 bit) v0.3.2 win 2014-04-21

Install as per the instructions (ref. folders image). If IvAp does not show up when running X-Plane and you are sure you have it installed correctly then it may be that not all the necessary Microsoft C++ Redistributables are available.

Windows 10 will not necessarily have all the required C++ Redistributables pre installed to support some older software. There is no problem in downloading and installing these packages (both x32 and x64).

Search the web for 'Microsoft C++ XX' where XX is the year in order to find the official Microsoft site.

Under, System Requirements on the downloads page, the Windows 10 OS may not be mentioned, however this does not matter as these packages can still be installed on to Windows 10.

It is these additional C++ Redistributables that make things work.

In respect of the X-IvAp plugin it was not until installing C++ 12 that IvAp showed in my X-Plane.

Microsoft Visual C Redistributables as listed in Programs and Features

It is also worth noting that the Alabeo DA42 Twin Star did not function correctly until C++ 10 was installed. Before this the pilot's legs were hanging out of the bottom of the aircraft and other oddities occurred!

Thanks to Tom Perkins for helping with this problem.