Notes on Installing Photographic Scenery in X-Plane 10/11 Using Ortho4xp 1.2

Click here for Orth4XP 1.3

These are notes to remind me of the procedure for installing the required software through to having the photo scenery installed. Note I have Ortho4xp on a different drive to that on which X-Plane is installed so for X-Plane to access this scenery a symbolic link is required. These notes were made using X-Plane 11 but also work with X-Plane 10. These notes assume familiarity with X-Plane and navigating folders etc.

Links for downloads

Ortho4XP download link


  1. These instructions refer to Ortho4XP version 1.02b and do not require Python.
  2. Ortho4xp -  (see image above - download button is top right)
  3. HD Mesh Scenery V3 -
  4. HD Mesh Scenery V4 -
  5. Height map data -

  1. Download, extract and place the Ortho4xp folder wherever you like (no install required). I have Ortho4xp on E: and X-Plane on F:
  2. Install the relevant HD Mesh areas for the photo scenery you wish to install. 
  3. Download Height Data for the areas you want.
  4. Set path to X-Plane Custom Scenery in Ortho4Xp.cfg file.
  5. Create shortcut to run Ortho4xp for example: E:\Ortho4XP\bin\Ortho4XP_v120b.exe 
  6. Run Orth4XP
  7. Ortho4xp downloads jpg images and converts them to dds images in the textures folder (e.g. E:\Ortho4XP\Tiles\zOrtho4XP_+50-004\textures). The jpg files are then no longer required and can be deleted to release space. I have the whole of the UK and Ireland at a zoom level of 17 taking up 166 GB in 55,000 files in 90 folders. If you have space to keep these files it is advantageous should you want to add a Custom Zoom Level to an existing area at a later date (e.g. around an airport or your house!). It will save a good deal of time and bandwidth as the jpg images will not require downloading again.





Ortho4XP 1.3


 The first video below is 11 minutes and is TUTORIAL 1 by Oscar Pilote (the creator of the software) and best to watch first.

The video below is 21 minutes and is TUTORIAL 2 by Oscar Pilote


The video below by Simulation Channel Deluxe is 31 minutes and more in depth.