X-Plane 11.05r2 GPS 430 and 530 popup, key assignment and undocking. This example is using the default C172SP.

Key Assignment

X-Plane 11 assign keyboard setting to popup the GPS


Open the Settings window by moving the mouse to the top of the screen or use the main menu on the opening screen.

X Plane 11 Open the Settings window

Select Keyboard and Search for popup.

This should find the G430 (pilot) and the G430 (copilot) settings. Enter your required key or key combination and apply.

In the C172 the pilot setting pops up the 530. The copilot setting pops up the 430.

At the top of these popups there are two click spots and the usual resize options by dragging the edges.

X Plane 11 G530 popup

Top left is the red spot that closes the popup. Top right is the click area to pop out the GPS such that it is undocked allowing it to be moved to another screen if you have one.

Note the difference between popup and pop out and each can be set as per the above procedure.

To remove a setting search for Do nothing and apply.

The same procedure can be used to set buttons on joysticks.