Installing FMS Data for X-Plane Manually


here is much discussion about updating FMS data for X-Plane and how to go about it. offer an FMS Data Manager to automate the installation, alternatively download the data and install manually. The Data Manager is by no means reliable nor fool proof as many users attest.There is a comment that manual install is more suited to 'advanced users' however if you are able to use X-Plane then the manual install should present no difficulty!

The data can also be installed in to the X-Plane GNS 430, Little Navmap, FSTramp and others. N.B. Laminar Research states: In X-Plane 11 one single database is used for all purposes of navigational data in the simulator.

The following notes were compiled using X-PLane 11.41 running on Windows 10 Pro.


  • FMS Flight Management System
  • FMC Flight Management Computer
  • AIRAC Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control (database updates are available monthly)

Flight Management Computer

Do you have any FMS data in your X-Plane 11?

If you have upgraded from XP-10 to XP-11 and have never installed any FMS data then no data is available i.e. default data from X-P 10 is not converted to the new system in XP-11.

One way of checking what you have or have not got is to run XP and load up the Laminar Research Boeing 737 with engines running.

In the cockpit zoom in or pop up the FMC. Click the STATUS button (left image) and if you have data installed the details will show (right image).

Purchasing data from Navigraph

Charts are download on an ad hoc basis using an executable program which connects to Navigraph requiring a login. Charts downloads are PDFs which need converting to PNGs and need placing in X-Plane. If you require a chart they are readily available online from the likes of Skyvector and NATS.





  1. FMS Data Annually 
  2. Ultimate (Charts + FMS Data) Monthly
  3. Ultimate (Charts + FMS Data) Annually

For FMS data Ultimate (Charts + FMS Data) Annually is convenient in as much as you are able to download data during a one month period then unsubscribe having incurred just a single months fee.

FMS Manual Install in to X-Plane

Login to  Navigraph, choose Manual Install, scroll down to X-Plane 11 - native** and download the file xplane11 native 2001, (note 2001 is the AIRAC cycle). Unzip the contents to your \X-Plane\Custom Data folder.

X Plane Custom Data FolderIf the Custom Data folder is empty (ignore the GNS folder for the moment) it will install the CIFP folder and the txt/dat/index files. If these are already present it will ask if you want to overwrite the existing data, click yes to update.

Note the cycle_info.txt file, opening this in a text editor will show the AIRAC version date and valid date. The valid date is the period  before there is another version published, it of course doesn't mean you can't use it any more!

GNS430xplane customdata native 2001.zipGNS430 and others

The GNS430 data and other data items can be download and installed in to the GNS430 folder. If there is no GNS430 already in the Custom Data folder then create one and install in to it.


Manual install in to Little NavmapLittle Navmap data

AppData Roaming ABarthel

Download and unzip the Little Navmap data in to:

Do not go in to the little_navmap_db folder. Allow any existing files to be overwritten.

As well as accessing the AppData in Windows Explorer with C:\users\username\AppData you can just use %appdata% which will open C:\users\username\AppData\Roaming (useful if you don't know your username!).

The AppData folder stores settings for your Applications and is hidden by default.

Appdata hidden ItemsDepending how windows is set up you may not be able to access the appdata. To make it accessible, in Explorer select the View Tab and ensure the Hidden items box is checked.

fstramp nav dataInstall in to FSTramp

Download and unzip. There is just the one file fstramp_2001.exe which will update the data. You may have to specify where FSTramp itself is, so be aware it may be in C:\ProgramData which is another hidden folder by default, in this case  make sure to tick Hidden Items as above. When updating the FMS data the FSTramp Scenery Assembler will need running.