Many thanks to Darrell Scott for his help and advice with Tileproxy.

TileProxy_R086 update (by John Greenwood), adds a multi-threading capability to TileProxy and supports 2,4,6 or 8 core processors speeding up the number of photo-realistic tiles that can be processed per second. This should make a significant difference to users with fast systems and good download speeds.

The update is available at:

The update replaces files in the Tileproxy folder and has additional settings for the ProxyUser.ini file. It is straight forward but as always, backup first.

The files in the zip are:

1.   libnettile.pdb
2.   ProxyUsersp1.dll
3.   proxyuser_sp1.pdb
4.   libcurl.pdb
5.   libcurl.dll
6.   libnettile.dll
7.   ProxyUser.INI
8.   Readme.txt
9.   Readme.pdf 

Copy files 1 to 7 in to the Tileproxy folder overwriting the existing ones.

Files 8 and 9 are self explanatory.

File 8 ProxyUser.ini is the one that needs changing according to the needs of your own system. It is therefore best not to overwrite your existing ProxyUser.ini file but to edit it with the new settings. 

The following example for editing the existing ProxyUser.ini  is based on an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz.This CPU has 4 Cores, however it is only necessary to use 2 cores. The other cores are looking after other processes. These results refer to a system running on Windows 7 and FSX.

For more information about using CPU cores click here for Affinity Mask