FSX Program Crash in Settings Menu


FSX Settings Menu


Sometimes when in the FSX Settings menu and having finished adjusting the SETTINGS, clicking to go back to FREE FLIGHT causes FSX to crash.


This may be due to a number of things one of which is often as a result of a corrupted .FLT saved flight file, or a .WX file that contains Metar data for the world's weather, or the Logbook.BIN.


These files are usually in:
C:\Users\username\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files


Deleting recent .FLT files and .WX files may cure the problem. If the Logbook.BIN file has corrupted then this is a bit more drastic as deleting this file deletes all your pilot records so it’s a good idea to back it up so as to be able to put it back if that was not the problem.