IvAp Disconnects During Flight

IVAO IvAp InterfaceThe IVAO Pilot Client, known as IvAp, is a plug-in which allows flight simulation programs to connect to the IVAO network. Occasionally the connection with IVAO may drop during a flight and you want to reconnect whilst continuing to fly.

drag and drop ivap_fsx.dll on to ivap_dllhost.exeHere's how to do it:

• Open Task Manager and find the process ivap_dllhost.exe and kill it.

• This will probably remove IvAp from the Add-ons menu.

• Go the IvAp folder on your computer.

• Drag the file ivap_fsx.dll and drop it on to the the file ivap_dllhost.exe

• IvAp should now be back in the Add-ons menu however you should be able to carry on if it isn't.

• It's also a good idea to resubmit your flight plan.