Alabeo DA42 Twin Star

Is the cross feed and topping up of the main tanks from the auxiliaries in the Alabeo DA42 Twin Star, functional? Answer - no. Neither in the FSX version nor in X-Plane. The graphics are good but perhaps more concentration on the functionality of this feature would have been better.

DA42 Twin Star Fuel Controls DA42 Fuel Transfer SwitchesThe 'FUEL CONTROL' panel levers move but do not do anything. The 'LEFT ENG' lever is pulled back against the red locking feature which stops it entering the cross over position, whilst the right lever is fully back in the 'CROSS FEED' position with the lock feature being in the open position.

The 'FUEL TRANSFER' rocker switches operate with a click and even make the sound of the pumps on the X-Plane model, however again they are non functional.

They all look good, sound good, operate smoothly but such a shame they are just eye candy.