Some notes on flying the Beechcraft Baron B58 as given by a real world B58 pilot.

Carenado Beechcraft Baron B58

Power – BLACK levers for setting manifold pressure, 23 IN HG in the cruise.

RPM – BLUE prop levers full forward 100% is fine pitch for maximum power. Always set 100% for
landing and take off.

Beechcraft Baron B58 Manifold and RPM GaugesOK to use auotpilot as much as possible.

Take Off

  • Cowl flaps closed for taxiing
  • Cowl flaps open to cool engine when on full power
  • Mixture full rich
  • Flaps one notch
  • Props (blue) full forward for max rpm
  • Prop sync off
  • Open throttle to 50% until 50-60 knots then open full
  • Climb at 800/1000 fpm at 2500 rpm and 2500 IN HG
  • Red line (85 knts) lift off
  • Blue line (100 knts) gear up
  • White (120 knts) flaps up
  • Trim as necessary
  • Autopilot on
  • Manually adjust prop sync to get close, then prop sync on
  • In the cruise - power (Black) manifold pressure 23 IN HG
  • In the cruise - RPM (Blue) to 2300 rpm

Remember the rule:
Manifold pressure x 100, must not exceed rpm figure.
e.g. Manifold pressure 23" x 100 = 2300 therefore rpm must not drop below 2300.

Beechcraft Baron B58 Airspeed IndicatorLanding

  • Airfield minimum runway length 2,500 ft.
  • Cowl flaps closed to stop rapid cooling when reducing power
  • Mixture full rich
  • RPM props (blue) full forward 100%
  • Reduce throttle (black) to reduce rpm to green sector
  • When triangle reached (152 knts) gear down
  • Continue reducing speed to white arc (120 knts) then 1 notch flaps
  • Warning: Speed can drop rapidly, be prepared to increase power.
  • 90 knts and the aircraft will stall and not recover.
  • Maintain speed of 110 knts
  • Apply 2nd notch of flaps when established on final
  • Disengage autopilot
  • Maintain 100 knts (blue line) until about 0.3 Nm before touch down
 Mixture:  Ctrl+Shft+F1 lean +F2
full rich)
 Propellers:  Ctrl+F1
Ctrl+F2 decrease Ctrl+F3 increase Ctrl+F4 100%